Meet Your Soulmate

Meet Your Soulmate is the special day at THE SAPPHO for singles & couples. If you have already found the other part of your soul to finally feel whole again, then experience a wonderful togetherness with your loved one in a beautiful ambience. And if not and you have still this longing in yourself: Maybe you will find exactly today your other part. Then hold her tight and don't lose her again!
Music: Classical and contemporary Soul Music
Theme: Today's motto is "soulmate": So style and dress yourself just like your other half and become also visually one with her!

Every Monday from 5am CET @ THE SAPPHO

Succubus Day

Where are you naughty Devil, delicious Succubus , beautiful Demon, seductive Vampire Princesses and dark Angel? Today we will stop playing the game of "pretend to be good" and show everyone our dark and lustful side . May the gates of hell unclench - for the participating girls it will be like heaven!
Music: R'n'B and Urban
Theme: Today's motto is "Succubus": You should style and dress yourself like a devil, succubus, vampire or dark angel.

Every Tuesday from 5am CET @ THE SAPPHO

Day of the Princess

Your daddy always told you that you are a Princess ? Believe him, because you are a princess! Meet other enchanting beauties and enjoy together some glass of Prosecco, charming conversations, lots of giggling and loving cuddlers.
Music: Pop and Disco
Theme: Today's motto is "Princess": Therefore, come in your most beautiful pink dress, with your crown on your sweet head and lots of fairy dust, your Highness!

Every Wednesday from 5am CET @ THE SAPPHO


Lezzo Bacchanal

Are you so crazy about the feminine beauty that you can not get enough of gorgeous women, sweet girls and hot chicks? Then you must be part of the lesbian orgies that regularly take place at THE SAPPHO. On your knees, sweetie, let your cheeky tongue circle to the beat of hot rhythms over the femininity of all the greedy girls.
Music: Salsa and Latin
Theme: Today's motto is "Lesbian Orgy": Therefore style and dress yourself in a way that every woman wants to eat you out as soon as you enter the club!

Every Thursday from 5am CET @ THE SAPPHO

Girls Love Spa Day

You really had a hard week and long for a little relaxation and sweet idleness ? Then Friday is the right day for you and your sweetie to come to THE SAPPHO! Enjoy the tranquility in the sauna and the steam room, chill out in our whirlpool or outdoor pool and lay down for a little while on our couples playground for dozing.
Music: Soft Chill Out
Theme: Today's motto is "Wellness & Spa": You do not have to wear a lot of clothes for that. And since we are among us, you also can walk around naked if you like.

Every Friday from 5am CET @ THE SAPPHO

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