The brand new club …
Only 4 girls!

SuzyShine invites all you GIRLS to the Girls Only Club:
THE SAPPHO! Enjoy the beauty of pure femininity, dance with your beloved until dawn, meet unknown beauties, chat for hours or use one of the many places to explore your loved ones a little closer.
Sappho was an ancient Greek female poet and lived on the island of Lesbos more than 2,600 years ago. In her poetry the erotic love always played a significant role and she gathered around herself a group of young girls of noble descent as students and she taught them ... and certainly seduced them regularly. In her beguiling songs she sang about the beauty of her friends and students and Sappho is thus considered the archetype of the lesbian woman. To honor her, the club THE SAPPHO was founded.

Come & visit THE SAPPHO ~ Only 4 girls β™₯

Our facilities

This awesome club Le Ya was made by the extraordinary artist Yaelle and has been downloaded at,
as well as the sailboat in front of our island, made by LukeM.
You guys are incredible! 😍

Ground floor

Immediately after the entrance, our women can find a small dance floor, a bar to sit, on the left and right a lot of possibilities to lay down with your girl and also a pole with sofas for spectators.


On our first floor one can find find the DJ desk and a cage for brave girls to dance sexily for the other women


On the outside THE SAPPHO offers for our girls a swimming pool with some chairs to relax and cuddle the girlfriend. And just outside the coast of our small island lays our sailboat on which one can move back to enjoy a little togetherness.


In the basement there is a whirlpool, a sauna, a steam bath, toilets, showers and a changing room.

Our gallery

Opening hours

We usually are open 24/7.
Club owner charnanne and her team are looking forward to your visit!
When she's away, her avatar is sitting in the office and her profile picture is set to AFK.
But feel free to give her a hug 😘

Weekly Events

There are regular events at THE SAPPHO like
Wellness Nights, Theme Parties, Group Games ...
Don't miss them, girls!

Β  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Weekend
5:00 am CET
8:00 pm PST
10 pm CST
4:00 am UTC
1:00 pm JST

Meet Your Soulmate

Succubus Day

Day of the Princess

Lezzo Bacchanal

Girls Love Spa Day

Chilled Relaxed Fun &
Nude Events @ the beach

Meet Our Team!


Club Owner

Fabulous, unique, charming, knowledgeable ...Our resident succubus is on hand to make sure the club is lit and kept up. She's smart, welsh and sexy.
Just go for it!


Club Manager

Text about our Ela will follow soon ...
... in preparation ...


Member of the Dancer Team

Text about our MiaMia will follow soon ...
... in preparation ...

Suzy Shine

Club Founder

Our flirty and adventurous princess founded THE SAPPHO for other women and herself to create a place to enjoy the beauty of the femininity without being constantly harassed by clumsy men.
My one and only purpose is to love and to be loved!



Text about our Allora will follow soon ...
... in preparation ...


Member of the Dancer Team

Text about our AliceBad will follow soon ...
... in preparation ...

Meet Our DJs!

Sully, Angelah & SweetCaress

Regular DJs @ THE SAPPHO

Text about our DJs will follow soon ...
... in preparation ...

We are looking for dancers and a female DJ! Become a part of our team!

Were to find us